Applies to
Netgear WD111v3, Netgear WG111v3 G54 Wireless USB Adapter

WG111v3 Version 2.0.0 for Windows Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, WG111v3 Mac OS Driver Version



34.50 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/28/2010 (ver. 2.0.0)


Many are looking for Windows 98 driver for their WD111v3 Wifi adapters. I tried to google and looked into Netgear website but could not find this particular model WD111v3. My best guess is the correct model number is WG111v3, which is a G54 wireless USB WIFI adapter from Netgear. So if you are not sure of the model number, please recheck the label on the adapter itself.

Netgear has a very complete selection of WG111v3 drivers, ranging from Windows ME, Windows 98 (se) up to the latest Windows 7 operating systems. There is also Mac OS driver support.

Once we identified the correct model number, finding the correspoding driver is easier. Within minutes I managed to located the driver for WG111v3 in Netgear driver download page. I must admit Netgear has done a pretty good job explaining step by step of installing the driver, with screenshots and detailed explainations.

WG111v3 Driver Versions

  1. Software Release Version: 2.0.0
  2. Win 7 driver version: 62.1181.1118.2009 (WHQL certified)
  3. Win Vista x86/x64 driver version: 6.1180.1014.2009 (WHQL certified)
  4. Win 2000/XP/XP x64 driver version: 5.1116.1228.2007 (WHQL certified)
  5. Win 98SE/Me driver version: 5.1116.1228.2007
  6. Utility version for Vista & Win 7:
  7. Utility version for 2K/XP/XP x64:
  8. Utility version for 98SE/Me:

WG111v3 New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Supports Software Push Button.
  2. Win 7 Support - (both 32/64-bit)
  3. Vista SP2 AutoConfig WPS support.
  4. Fixed: Some N routers will be displayed as B in the Site Survey list like WNR3500v1, WNR3500v2, DGN2000, WNR2000.
  5. Fixed: can’t use Vista SP2 AutoConfig to run WPS with routers.

Download Win98 Driver for WD111v3 Wifi Adapter here.

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