We often need to re-install our operating system, especially Windows OS. I do not want to mention why because I assume everybody know the reason. Re-installing OS always bring a fresh and faster working environment. However there is the headache of re-installing everything you need, including the hardware drivers, programs, utilities and backup of documents.

So what come first. Which software is the most important and crucial that we need to install before every thing else. Here is my personal preference so yours might be different.

After re-installing my OS (Windows), I would install the software firewall, then follow by the antivirus. I even do this without installing the wireless/eternet drivers. I have more than one PC at home and at work so there is no problem but if you have only one PC, please download the latest version of firewall and antivirus software before you formated and reinstall your PC.

Why firewall and antivirus come first? The main function of firewall is to block unauthorized traffic IN and OUT of your PC. Without a good working firewall software you are risking other people stealing personal information or rouge software from sending out sensitive information without your permission. I don’t know you but that sounds scary to me.

After firewall, I usually install an antivirus software. An antivirus software can prevent destructive computer virus from deleting your important files, planting back door/trojan horse software which can open door to more unwanted software to your PC. Antivirus software is too important to be ignored.

Some times by looking into my firewall software’s report and see the background activities it has saved my PC from, I am glad I have install the firewall. Even innocent looking programs downloaded from reputable source might have some hanky-panky background activities without your knowledge.

Some of you might be interested on what kind of firewall and antivirus I am using. I am using Zonelab free firewall and Avira free antivirus. Yes I know they are free but as long as they are working and for personal use, I am not complaining.

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