Applies to
Western Digital WD Passport External Harddisk Enclosure

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Windows 98 SE (Not Required for Windows 2000, XP and Vista)

Western Digital

WD Passport 2.5 W98

2.31 MB

Driver Date & Version
Nov, 2004 (ver. 1.0)

Western Digital WD2500 BEV with 8 MB cache is a quieter version compare to BEA version which has only 2 MB cache. WD2500 also is commonly used in Western Digital Passport External harddisk.

Based on some finding on MAC forum, BEV version (8MB) is used on on earlier version of WD Passport external harddisk but the later version is using BEA (2MB) version. To determine the version of your WD2500, use Disk Utility.

Please install this driver for Windows 98 SE only. No driver is needed for Windows 2000 onwards (XP/Vista included).

Download WD2500 BEV External USB Device Driver here.

6 thoughts on “WD2500 BEV External USB Device Driver

  • kiran

    need drivers

  • matteo

    need drivers

  • Deepak

    I wanted to know whether this driver will help to connect the drive to TV when connected…


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