Applies to
Verizon Sierra Aircard PC5750

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Windows XP, 2000, Vista

Verizon Wireless


13.20 MB

Driver Date & Version
4 Mac 2008 (ver. 6.7.10)

This is the VZAccess Manager software the comes with Verizon Sierra Aircard PC5750. It is release by Smith Micro Software, Inc.

With this software you can configure your PC to use your wireless phone and cable or wireless CDMAPC Card as a modem. You can also configure Wi-Fi Adapter to work with VZAccess Manager.

Other features of this software are:

  1. Can also be used to launch all of your dial-up networking connections, if desired.
  2. Can launch your browser, e-mail client, VPN or a program of your choice upon connection.
  3. Logs connections used, duration and bytes sent and received.

Verizon Sierra Aircard PC5750 Software

3 thoughts on “Verizon Sierra Aircard PC5750 Software

  • Chris kohler

    need it for pc card

  • Craig

    Need it for pc card


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