Applies to
Umax Astra 1220P Parallel Port Scanner

Windows XP




Driver Date & Version
n/a (3.55)


This driver is for Astra 1220P spftware VistaScan installation. For Windows (XP/2000), sometimes the OS does not register the driver correctly with the device manager and the scanner gets detected as an unknown component at Windows start up, the proper entry has to be done manually.

Below is the step-by-step guide:-

  1. Close the Assistent dialog with a cancel button.
  2. Extract these files into a folder on your hard disk. The scanner has been registered as an unknown device. Double click this entry the device manager to open the properties dialog.
  3. Click on “Driver” and then on the button “Update”. Select the option “Software list…” and in the next dialog the option “Do not search…”. Click on “Continue”. In the list of hardware types select “Image processing devices”.
  4. Click on the button “Disk” and refer to the folder in which you have just expanded the INF files. Click on “Open” and in the list select your scanner.
  5. Ignore the Windows-Logo test warning and click on “Continue”/”Finish”.

Now the scanner has been correctly register with the device manager and will be displayed under “Image processing devices".

Download Umax Astra 1220P Driver here.

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