Applies to
Trident TGUI 9680, 9685 (TGUI 968X Series)

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Windows 95, 98



272.55 KB

Driver Date & Version
3/3/1998 (ver. 6.10.4364)

TGUI 968x series chipset will not handle any DirectX hardware functions because it is not a 3D graphic chipset. Please try the game in software mode which may have a slower performance. A new graphic hardware is preferred for these kind of 3D games.

The driver supports the following Trident display cards:

  1. Trident Accelerrator ISA/VL (v6.10.4364)
  2. Trident 9320 PCI (v6.10.4364)
  3. Trident 9440 PCI (v6.10.4364)
  4. Trident 9660/968x/938x/978x PCI (v6.10.4364)

If your device ID is reported as 9660, you should use the TGUI 9680 driver.

Download Trident TGUI 9680 9685 Driver here.

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