Applies to
Trident TGUI 9440 Video Card

Windows 98

Trident Microsystems, Inc.


271.5 KB

Driver Date & Version
11/08/2002 (1.00)


Trident website does not provide any download for all the drivers for their product. Hence, if user lost the installation CD, then they will scratch their head in looking for this driver. Quite a number of others software driver website provide the driver Trident TGUI 9440-3 driver for download. However, most of then are just merely providing false link for download. After searching the internet for Trident TGUI 9440-3 driver, I found that provide a link to this software driver file. The driver is for Windows 98 operating system. When you download this w98-tgui.exe from, please follow the instruction on the website on how to do it. Normally, this website will ask you to enter code from an image generated automatically. After you have correctly enter the code, then you will be routed to a page for you to click on download button for the actual download.

Download Trident TGUI 9440-3 Driver here.

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