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Toshiba Satellite PRo 4600 Yamaha SoundChip

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Windows XP SP2

Toshiba Europe


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Driver Date & Version
14/01/05 (Ver.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 is a Celeron 750MHz based 13.3 inch notebook.

Since the 4600 is an older model, the drivers are not being actively supported by Toshiba, with exception for the Yamaha soundchip used. Toshiba latest driver update is on 2005 for the Windows XP.

Benefits included with the Satellite Pro 4600 Windows XP driver are broader range of audio controls are possible through the sound driver, including: Software Synthesizer, Microphone volume, 3D enhancement and Power management.

Besides the Satellite Pro 4600, other models supported by this Yamaha Windows XP driver include:

Tecra 9100
Tecra 9000
Satellite Pro 6100
Satellite 5000-204
Satellite 5000-104
Satellite 2410-S403
Satellite 2410-S203
Satellite Pro 4600
Satellite 5100-903
Satellite 5100-803
Satellite 5100-603
Satellite 5100-503
Satellite 5100-501
Satellite 5100-201
Satellite 5005
Satellite 2410-703
Satellite 2410-702
Satellite 2410-603
Satellite 2410-601
Satellite 2410-515
Satellite 2410-514
Satellite 2410-504
Satellite 2410-414
Satellite 2410-404
Satellite 2410-354
Satellite 2410-304S
Satellite 2410-304
Satellite 2410-303
Satellite 2400-253S
Satellite 2400-103
Portégé 3490
Portégé 3480
Portégé 3440
Portégé 3410

Download Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Sound Driver for Windows XP here.

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