Applies to
Satellite A135-SP5820 (Spanish version) notebook

Windows Vista



38.20 MB

Driver Date & Version
05/17/2007 (ver.


If you are looking for Satellite A135-SP5820 Windows Vista drivers using Download search tools, you will NOT be able to find it. Why? I do not know. The closest you able to find is drivers for Satellite A205-SP5820, which after I read the user manual, is using a different motherboard chipset thus I doubt you will be able to use the drivers in your A135-SP5820.

However after much efforts and trial and error finally I managed to find the EXACT page to Satellite A135-SP5820 using my favourite search engine, Here is the link to the Vista driver download link.

OK, so here is a list of available Windows Vista drivers for Satellite A135-SP5820 notebooks.

  1. WiFi

    Two diffent WiFi cards are used. You will have either

    1. an Atheros Mini PCI/PCIe Wireless LAN (v7.2.0.164)or
    2. an Intel 802.11a/b/g/n PCIe Mini Card (v11.1.0.86)
  2. Display
    1. nVidia Display Driver for Windows Vista(v97.54; 01-19-2007; 50.96M)
    2. Intel Display Driver for Windows Vista(v7.14.10.1132; 01-19-2007; 7.46M)
  3. Modem

    Toshiba Software Modem for Windows Vista(v2.1.73; 12-15-2006; 1.66M)

  4. Sound

    Realtek Audio Driver for Windows Vista(v6.0.1.5322; 12-15-2006; 34.15M)

  5. LAN

    Realtek 10/100 8101E/Gigabit 8111B LAN Driver for Windows Vista(v6.186.1103.2006 Logo; 12-15-2006; 4.9M)

  6. Touchpad

    Synaptics TouchPad Driver for Windows Vista(v9.1.0.0; 12-15-2006; 6.05M)

  7. Media Card Reader

    TI Multiple Digital Media Card Reader for Windows Vista(v2.0.0.6 r2; 12-15-2006; 5.39M)

  8. Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Stack for Windows Vista(v5.00.10T; 12-08-2006; 26.89M)

  9. BIOS

    ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.40 for Satellite A130 (PSAD0U/PSAD3U)(v1.40; 05-23-2007; 4.1M)

As usual, the driver download link will bring you to the download page for Satellite A135-SP5820. You will have to refine your search by selecting Windows Vista and the select Driver from the second dropbox.

Download Toshiba Satellite A135-SP5820 Vista Drivers here.

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  • michael Okyere August 19, 2010 7:31 pm #

    hi please can u send me the drivers for toshiba satelite a135 drivers for vista and windows7?


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