Applies to
Toshiba Satellite 4090XDVD/4090XDVD-NT Notebooks

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Driver Date & Version
04/04/00 (ver. Rev. 10)

The detailed specifications for Toshiba Satellite 4090 Notebook (both 4090XDVD and 4090XDVD-NT models) are all listed clearly on the PDF file satellite_4090xdvd.pdf

Both models are almost the same in terms of hardware:

Intel Celeron 400MHz, 14.1 TFT, 64MB, 6.4bb HDD, Modem, DVD-ROM Windows 98 w/ dual linked Win95/98 Configuration Builder CD / Windows NT Configuration Builder CD (CB Pro Compatible)

The only difference is the OS used: 4090XDVD is using Windows 98 while 4090XDVD-NT is using Windows NT.

Please refer to the PDF file for more detailed SATELLITE 4090XDVD Product Specifications.

Download Toshiba Satellite 4090 Notebook Specification here.

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