Applies to
Toshiba Portege 7020CT Notebook




778.35 KB

Driver Date & Version
07/24/01 (ver. 8.10)


This is the latest ACPI Flash BIOS version 8.10 for Portege 7020CT.

The BIOS file 3702tv81.exe is a WinZIP Self-extracting ZIP file creates bootable BIOS update installation diskette when run under Windows. Also self-extracts under MS-DOS or can be unZIPped using WinZip, PKUnZip, or equivalent.

Fixes/Enhancement of New Bios

  1. Version 8.10 (07-24-2001)
    1. A change was made to correct a problem that some PC cards with a single spec for 16 bit and 3.3VDC may malfunction.
    2. Corrected the following problem; After the system, docked with a CD-ROM Network Dock with a built-in CD-ROM drive (model ZA2055P04), went into Hibernation running Windows 2000, the system took several minutes to resume.
  2. Version 8.00 (02-07-2000)
    1. A change was made to support Windows 2000.
    2. Corrected a problem that, when entering two different keys successively, extra characters of the second key struck would appear.
    3. Corrected a problem that, while using a pointing device, key entry from an external keyboard was impossible unless the pointing device was inactive at the time.
    4. Corrected a problem that, while when running Windows 2000, and having Enable Wake-up from USB device set, if any key was struck while in the act of suspending, any keyboard activity was impossible after resuming the computer.

Download Toshiba Portege 7020CT Firmware here.

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