Applies to
Toshiba NB200 Series Netbooks

Windows XP



20.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/19/2009 (

  1. Driver Installer
  2. WinXP Driver Ver7.7.0.348
  3. Wireless Intermediate Driver(Wsimd.sys) Ver1.0.0.92


This Atheros Wireless LAN Wi-Fi driver is meant for the following Toshiba NB200 netbook models:

  1. NB200-SP2911C
  2. NB200-SP2903A
  3. NB200-SP2903C
  4. NB200-SP2905A
  5. NB200-SP2905C
  6. NB200-SP2905R
  7. NB200-SP2910A
  8. NB200-SP2909R
  9. NB200-SP2909C
  10. NB200-SP2909A
  11. NB200-SP2908R
  12. NB200-SP2908C
  13. NB200-SP2908A
  14. NB200-SP2912R
  15. NB200-SP2912C
  16. NB200-SP2912A
  17. NB200-SP2911R
  18. NB200-SP2903R
  19. NB200-SP2911A
  20. NB200-SP2904R
  21. NB200-SP2904C
  22. NB200-SP2904A
  23. NB200-SP2907R
  24. NB200-SP2907C
  25. NB200-SP2907A
  26. NB200-SP2906R
  27. NB200-SP2906C
  28. NB200-SP2906A
  29. NB200-SP2910R
  30. NB200-SP2910C
  31. NB205-N310/BN
  32. NB205-N311/W
  33. NB205-N312/BL
  34. NB205-N313/P
  35. NB205-N210
  36. NB205-N211
  37. NB205-N310BN-G
However, if your model number is not listed above, you can still try to use this driver if your Atheros Wi-Fi having this model/part number: PLL38U

Installation is simple, download the driver installation file driver_wifi_atheros_TC00147200E.exe and run it. You will see a TOSHIBA Archive Extractor windows and it will extract all the setup files needed into C:/Documents and Settings//Local Settings/Temp/driver_wifi_atheros_TC00147200E.temp folders and will automatically run the setup command after extraction.

Download Toshiba Netbook NB200 Atheros Driver here.

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