Applies to
Toshiba Satellite L500-21T Notebooks Wireless 802.11b/g . Also applicable for Satellite L555, Satellite Pro L500, Satellite L550, Satellite L505, Satellite Pro L550, Satellite L500

Windows Vista 32/64bit, Windows 7 32/64bit and Windows XP

Toshiba Europe


29.70 MB

Driver Date & Version
6/21/10 (ver.


Apparently this Toshiba Satellite L500-21T model is mainly for Middle East and Europe regions. From Toshiba L500 site, there is a message saying "Satellite L500 Series is no longer available at most retail stores, online retailers, resellers, or" and L500 series is being replaced by Satellite L750 models.

So how do we find the drivers for L500-21T notebook? From Toshiba driver download page, under Laptop->Satellite, there is no mention of L500-21T. So tried to search on Toshiba Hungary site, because someone mentioned of driver availability (not all) there.

From Toshiba Hungarian page, I was directed to Toshiba Europe site instead. From there, there is specific mention of driver supports for Middle East, Europe, Russian and African regions. So I am in Toshiba Gulf/ Middle East site again.

Lets see, here is the download page. Select Notebook->Satellite->Satellite L-series-Satellite L500 and I see few "short model no":

  1. PSLJ0E
  4. PSLS3E
  5. PSLS0E
  6. PSLS9E
  9. PSLS6E
No mention of L500-21T here. Could one of the "short model no" above related to L500-21T? To find it out, I tried to google each and every one of the short model no above. See below for my findings:
  1. PSLJ0E = Satellite L500-203
  2. PSLJTE = L500-1EP, L500-1EQ
  3. PSLJDE = L505-11J
  4. PSLS3E = L505-111
  5. PSLS0E = L500-1XM
  6. PSLS9E = L505-138
  7. PSLJHE = L500-21T [PSLJHE-003005AR] <- Bingo! L500-21T we found you!
  8. PSLJFE = L500-1XU
  9. PSLS6E = L500-1XC
So now we found out the actual "short model no" for L500-21T, we can try to find out what are the available wireless drivers. Drivers are available for Windows Vista 32/64bit, Windows 7 32/64bit and Windows XP

Download Toshiba L500-21T Wifi Driver here.

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