Applies to
Toshiba Satellite A505-S6969 Notebook

Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.


5.39 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/23/2009 (


Toshiba A505S6969 laptop card reader driver is the driver for its Ricoh card reader. Kindly note that Toshiba only release Windows Vista driver for this A505S6969 laptop. According to release notes for this card reader driver, the same is also suitable for card reader on the following Toshiba systems:

  1. A500-ST6621
  2. A500-ST5601
  3. A500-ST5602
  4. A505-SP6996R
  5. A505-SP6996C
  6. A505-SP6996A
  7. A505-S6979
  8. A505-S6976
  9. A505-S6975
  10. A505-S6971
  11. A505-S6972
  12. A505-S6970
  13. A505-S6973
  14. A505-S6969
  15. A505-S6967
  16. A505-S6966
  17. A505D-S6968
  18. A505D-S6958
  19. A505-S6965
  20. A505-S6960
  21. A505-SP6910R
  22. A505-SP6910C
  23. A505-SP6910A
  24. A505-SP6986R
  25. A505-SP6986C
  26. A505-SP6986A
  27. A505-SP6988C
  28. A505-SP6988A
  29. A505D-SP6989A
  30. A505-SP6988R
  31. A505D-SP6989R
  32. A505D-SP6989C
Besides, the listed system above, this driver is also suitable for Toshiba system that has part number begins with PSAQ3U.

Download Toshiba A505S6969 Laptop Card Reader Driver here.

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