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Toshiba a40 Series Notebook




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Driver Date & Version
Dec 2003 (ver. 1st Edition)


This is the first edition of user manual for Toshiba a40 series notebooks. The product name is Satellite A40 and model number is PSA40.

The user manual is divided into few sections:

  1. Preface
  2. General Precaution
  3. Chapter 1: Introduction
  4. Chapter 2: The Grand Tour
  5. Chapter 3: Getting Started
  6. Chapter 4: Operation Basics
  7. Chapter 5: The Keyboard
  8. Chapter 6: Power and Power-up modes
  9. Chapter 7: Hardware Setup and Password
  10. Chapter 8: Optional Devices
  11. Chapter 9: Troubleshooting
  12. Appendixes and glossary

The user manual for Toshiba a40 is 286 pages in total. It is full with description and illustration which will help you to understand your a40 notebook better. It is useful when you want to upgrade or troubleshoot problems with your a40 notebook.

Download Toshiba A40 Manual here.

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