Applies to
Toshiba 1560 Plain Paper Copier

PDF Manual

Toshiba Corporation


1.09 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/1997 (ver. 97-08SO)


Searched everywhere and finally got this free operator manual for Toshiba 1560 plain paper copier (other sites require a small fee, hmm...). The manual is scanned from a hard copy version of the manual, thus you may not be able to do word searching. However, the scan quality is pretty good and you can view the manual clearly and can print it out for future reference.

The operator manual is 40 pages long and covers the following information on 1560 copier:

  1. Precautions for Installation.
  2. General Precautions.
  3. How to Make Copies.
  4. When the graphic symbols flash:

    Explains the meaning of each symbol/icon flashing.

  5. Maintenance - Cleaning/Troubleshooting 1560 copier.
  6. Specifications.

Download Toshiba 1560 Copier Manual here.

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