Applies to
TomTom ONE 125, 130 Car GPS Navigation System


TomTom Incorporated.


5.12 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/30/2008 (ver. 1.0)


This user manual is listed under TomTom ONE 130 manual download page. There is no TomTom ONE 125 manuals available but for me both TomTom 125 and 130 are very similar in both price range, outlooks and functionalities, so I think this manual is applicable for both 125 and 130 model. Furthermore the manual istself is labeled as manual for [TomTom ONE].

This 57 pages long manual is divided into 16 chapters. This user manual is best read using a computer. Why? Instead on using table of content which enable fast reference when printed out, this PDF manual only have bookmarks which as far as I know only available when read using a PC. However even if you know how to prin out the bookmarks you still have to figure out which bookmark goes to which page.

Download Tom Tom One 125 Manual here.

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