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As for alternative driver or third party driver, this is less common and less suggested because of various reasons. First the third party driver, as the name suggested, is created by someone who is not from the manufacturers, or from codes leaked from manufacturers website. So it is naturally we expect some sort of incompleteness in the driver. Some functionality of hardware might not work as expected. Stability might not be 100% as the original driver. Some third party driver is created with overclockability or added functionality in mind, which mean not within the original specification of the hardware and there will be certain possibility of chances of hardware instability or worse, hardware spoilt because overheat or shorten lifespan.

So I would say third party driver is only for those who know what they are doing or if you are desperate enough to try. But since you can not find the driver from the original manufacturer, and there is no more warranty left, you are free to try it out.

But if you are not sure if it is a right move to test with uncertified third party driver which might cause more harm than good, I would suggest you to try service from driver company. One of the more well known driver detecting software is DriverAgent which is reasonably priced and work as advertised. DriverAgent has an intensive database of millions of hardware drivers which it has gathered and collected years ago.

You only need to download a software and the hardware scanning/detecting process will take minutes to complete the driver matching process. Best of all, the agent will scan other hardware in your system for latest driver and will show you which hardware has newer driver available. You then have the final decision whether to update with the latest driver or stay with existing driver. Best of all, the one time registration will last for one whole year which mean you can use the agent over and over every time your system corrupted and you need to reinstall the driver. No more headache and wasting of precious countless time looking in the Internet looking for the correct driver.

Driver Scanner database is certified and you are also provided with money back guaranteed. I don’t know about you but this sound good enough for me to actually save my time and no headache in looking for the driver. Life is better spend with meaningful things to do rather than downloading unknown drivers and test one by one not knowing whether it will or will not work with my hardware.

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