Applies to
Toshiba Tecra S3 Notebook Motherboard BIOS

Windows, DOS



2.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/14/06 (ver. 1.30)


This is the latest motherboard bios firmware update for Toshiba Tecra S3 notebook. Beside Tecra S3, S3-S411TD is also supported.

Change History

  1. Version 1.30

    The Intel logo was changed.

  2. Version 1.20

    Initial production BIOS for Tecra S3.

Important Notes for Firmware Update

During the upgrading of your computers BIOS, if the computer loses power or fails to complete the process of upgrading the BIOS, the existing BIOS in the computer may become damaged. Toshiba HIGHLY recommends that the computer is powered via the AC adapter during the entire BIOS update process.

In the event of a power loss during the BIOS update process, the BIOS Key Installation Method, described below, can sometimes be used to recover from the failure. If it does not, you\'ll need to have your computer serviced by a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (ASP).

Firmware Update Installation Instructions

  1. The BIOS installation launcher offers the option to create a bootable BIOS installation diskette. Simply select Diskette Installation from the Launcher menu and click Ok. Youll need to have a diskette drive (internal, USB, or PCMCIA) installed, and a formatted 1.44MB diskette available.
  2. Once the BIOS installation diskette has been created, install the BIOS using the following steps:
    1. Connect the computer to AC power using the AC adapter.
    2. Close all open programs
    3. Insert the BIOS installation diskette into your diskette drive (A:)
    4. Shut down the operating system. With Windows, you may choose to Restart rather than shutting down.
    5. If necessary, restart the computer by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del or turning the computer OFF then on again
  3. The computer will boot MS-DOS from the BIOS installation diskette, and initiate the Flash BIOS installation routine. Please note that on systems where only a USB-connected diskette drive is supported, you can force the computer to boot from the USB-connected diskette by holding down the U key, when powering-on the system.
  4. When the Flash BIOS update is complete, a message like the one below will be displayed:

    Please push the RESET SW (or turn AC power OFF/ON) to restart!

    ROM Write Successful!
    Utility Finished!

  5. Eject the diskette from drive A: and turn the computer OFF then ON, or press the reset switch to restart your computer.

Download Tecra S3 Firmware Update here.

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