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For Firmware 1.0A/1.0X/1.1B ONLY. Windows 95, ME, 98 SE

TEAC Corporatio


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Driver Date & Version
2000/12/22 (1.0A/1.0X to 1.0Y or 1.1B to 1.1Y.)


TEAC CD-W54E is a popular 4X 4X 32X CD-Recordable/CD-Rewritable drive from TEAC, which has some good lineup of cd drives during year 2000.

This new firmware will only work if your TEAC CD-W54E has firmware version 1.0A/1.0X or 1.1B. See table below for details firmware needed and firmware revision updated.

Old Firmware RevisionUpdated Firmware Revision

Please be noted that this program cannot be used for the CD-W54E with a firmware revision other than 1.0A/1.0X/1.1B.

What will this new firmware do to your TEAC CD-W54E? Well, according to TEAC website, the readability of a special disc was improved. It did not mention what a special disc is. So if you want to read a special disc better, get this new firmware.

Please observe the following precautions in executing the UpdaterW54E.exe. Make backup of your important files before you start the firmware flash process.

  1. Extract the program onto your hard drive and execute it.
  2. Do not change the program name nor its contents.
  3. Read the Readme.txt before executing.
  4. Do not turn off the power of your PC and the drive while executing UpdaterW54E.exe.
  5. Eject any media in the CD-W54E before executing the program.
  6. There is a case that Firmware update can not be executed if the certain Packet Write Application is actvated. In that case, please close Packet Write Application and execute this program.

When the self-extracting file ( FWUPW54E01.EXE ) is extracted, the folder FW_UP_W54E is created. Then the following files will be created to open the folder -UpdaterW54E.exe, README.TXT (English) and READMEJ.TXT (Japanese)

Download Teac W54E CD Driver here.

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