Applies to
TEAC DW-224E 24x 10x 24x 8x CD Recordable/Rewritable/DVD-ROM

Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

The Dangerous Brothers via


301.00 KB

Driver Date & Version
24/11/2002 (Ver. 1.0a)


According to TEAC USA, there are no drivers required for the TEAC internal slim-line DVD/CD-RW combo drives. The drive is detected automatically by Windows as a CD-ROM drive. You then install the recording and DVD playback software onto your system.

If your Notebook PC System came with a pre-installed TEAC slim-line DVD/CD-RW combo drive, you need to contact your system manufacturer for any user guide documentation, firmware, software updates, and all support related issues. The TEAC\'s internal slim-line DVD/CD-RW combo drives are not available in retail kits; therefore, your computer\'s manufacturer will provide all the technical support for your drive.

So no use trying to find and download a driver from the official manufacturer website. But wait, I have found something related to the driver for TEAC DW-224E:

This is NOT a firmware from TEAC, instead is a patch by The Dangerous Brothers. So you have been warned.

The firmware file contains master and slave firmware. The firmware is meant for advanced users only. For TEAC DW-224E drive configured as master drive, you need to use NB10A0R1.bin and for slave you need to use NV10A1R1.bin.

The author of this firmware warns that the drive will flash with either firmware, if you are unsure which to use buy a slim IDE adapter and flash with a desktop system. If you are not sure and do not wish to buy the IDE adapter, you may try this method that I found on forum:

I had the same problem. Flased my Toshiba DVD-ROM with a different firmware and it become master. I confirm, that notebook drive related FW had primary/secondary option inside of FW.

My solution was simple. I temporary removed HDD to be able to access DVD-ROM, then booted from Floppy and reflashed with correct FW...

Download TEAC DW-224E Driver here.

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  • nqobile mlilo June 10, 2010 2:15 pm #

    pliz download and fix it for me


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