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TDK DA-3826 Digital Audio CD Recorder / ReWriter / Player

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TDK Electronics Corporation


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Driver Date & Version
01/11/2001 (ver. 1.0)


This PDF manual is labeled as [Easy Setup and Use] guide for TDK DA-3826 audio cd recorder. In the table on content there is suppose a French edition start from page 26 but it is missing since this manual is 25 pages long. Below are the chapters discussed on this manual:

  1. Front Panel Information Display
  2. Front Panel Controls
  3. Rear Panel Connections
  4. Remote Control Functions
  5. Installation and Connection
  6. CD Recording Basics
  7. Playback Basics
  8. Loading Discs
  9. Normal Play
  10. Search
  11. Track Skip
  12. Dual-Play Mode
  13. Continual Playback
  14. Time Display
  15. Headphone Listening
  16. Program Play
  17. Programming Play Lists
  18. Checking, Editing & Clearing
  19. Repeat Programmed Play
  20. CD Recording
  21. Before Recording
  22. Finalizing CD-R & CD-RW Discs
  23. Disc Dubbing
  24. CD Sync Recording
  25. Recording from an External Source
  26. Unfinalizing a CD-RW Disc
  27. Erasing an Entire CD-RW Disc
  28. Erasing a Single Track
  29. Troubleshooting
  30. Error Message Guide
  31. Technical Specifications
  32. Warranty Information
  33. French Edition

Features of DTK DA-3826 Audio CD Recorder

  1. Dual Tray Audio CD Recorder
  2. Create a 60 minute CD in only 15 minutes!
  3. Pure CD Quality Disc-to-Disc and Track-to-Track
  4. Recordings with blazing Quad speed (4x)
  5. Record all your favorites on one mix CD!
  6. Easily convert your cassette and LP collections to CD
  7. High speed disc finalization
  8. Easy set-up and easy to use
  9. Front Panel Digital Input
  10. CD Sync with digital external source auto recording

Download TDK DA-3826 Owner Manual PDF here.

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        Need an owners manual for TDK D-3826 cd recorder

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    i,This is an outstanding CD recorder.Period


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