Applies to
Tascam US-428 Computer Controller/Interface

Windows XP (SP2 32bit/64bit), Windows Vista (32bit/64bit)



1.20 MB

Driver Date & Version
Oct 16 2007 (ver. 3.40)


Tascam US-428 Computer Controller/Interface is a popular multipurpose unit from Tascam. The functionality is combinations of onboard 16/24-bit converters (44.1 or 48 kHz), audio-to-USB conversion, a MIDI interface and a mix control surface that works with a number of common studio DAW programs.

As aways, new features are added to the new release of a driver. For version 3.40, Windows Vista is now supported and you can install the US-428 driver in Windows Vista without problem.

However, on 64bit Windows the US-428 Select buttons and EQ controls do not work with SONAR.

Installation Steps

  1. Before using the US-428 (power up), it is advisable to first install the appropriate drivers from an included PC/Mac CD-ROM or download from the Internet. Reason see below.
  2. The installation is easy, but here is a possible snag to avoid: Make sure the US-428 is powered down when installing drivers.
  3. If the unit is on, Windows automatically detects that a USB device is in the chain and will assign a useless generic driver to it.
  4. If Windows driver is installed, the correct Tascam driver may not be installed because Windows driver is already in place.
  5. So avoid the hassle and make sure the unit is off during your first install or later when updating drivers.

Download Tascam US-428 XP Driver here.

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