Applies to
Tascam 488MKII PortaStudio Mixer/Cassette Recorder

PDF Reader Software

Tascam/TEAC Professional Division


3.52 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (1.0)


The Portastudio 488 is a complete audio productivity facility in a single box. It is divided into two major sections: a full function mixer and an 8-channel multitrack cassette recorder. The user manual is hard to find because it is a very old model and to get the digital copy of the manual one will have to scan from the original copy, which might be not in the perfect state to read.

This Tascam 488 manual is not complete. It starts from page 5 to page 14, then continue from page 24 to 33, skip two pages to page 36. Lastly from page 50 to page 52.

Scan quality is not perfect and certain text are hard to read. Seems like the manual is scanned from a photocopied version. The specifications are in page 24.

Download Tascam 488 Manual here.

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