Applies to
Targa Visionary XP-210 Notebooks.

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista



6.00 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/22/2004 (ver. 1.08a)


This is something funny I found on Targa XP-210 latest BIOS. The latest BIOS available on Targa website is version 1.12A but still many people are looking for the older version, which is version 1.08A.

The latest BIOS for Targa XP-210 version 1.12A is said to be able to increases compatibility to USB devices. But why people are looking for BIOS version 1.08A instead?

Well, this is some information I found on a German website. The info was translate to English so some info may not be precise:

  1. Numerous problems after updated to the latest BIOS version 1.12A
  2. Blue screens during CD burning.
  3. RAM over 1GB is not fully supported and may caused memory errors. Running MemTest returns up to 20 errors.
  4. BIOS 1.12A booted fine during BIOS and 1.5GB RAM detected but once inside Windows blue screen detected and error message saying something to do with BIOS not fully ACPI compliant.
A forumer mentioned that after going back to the older BIOS version 1.08A problems are no more. However checking with Targa technical support on problems with BIOS version 1.12A and the availability of older BIOS prior to version 1.12A this is the reply:

Thank you for your inquiry to the technical support.
Unfortunately the old BIOS version for your equipment is not present.
The current BIOS version was examined in detail by us, we could determine no errors thereby. Descriptive crashes have likely be another cause.
Since Targa do not provide an older version of BIOS for XP-210 notebook, I managed to find the older version 1.08A and please read the Readme.txt file on how to perform the BIOS update (or downgrade ;) Please be extra careful as a failed BIOS will probably make your notebook a piece of junk.

Download Targa XP 210 1.08a BIOS here.

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