Applies to
Tandy Realistic DX-160 5-Band Solid State Communications Receiver

PDF Reader Software

Tandy Corporation

Tandy DX-160

15.50 MB

Driver Date & Version
2/7/1976 (rev. 2.0)


Inside the zip file there are two revisions of the service manuals. The original revision has 12 pages while the second edition has 18 pages. The extra pages on second edition of Tandy Realistic DX-160 receiver are for Part List, Semiconductor Lead Identification and schematic Diagram, which I think most people need it to fix up their DX-160 receiver.

Beside the two versions of the service manuals, you can also find the owners manual for Tandy DX-160 receiver. All manuals are scanned as image thus you will not be able to do word search using PDF reader.

Download Tandy Realistic DX-160 Service Manuals here.

One thought on “Tandy Realistic DX-160 Service Manuals

  • ola August 23, 2009 10:33 pm #

    i need a sound in my laptop hp compaq6715s only


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