Applies to
Canon EOS Rebel T1i EOS Digital SLR Camera

Windows XP

Canon U.S.A., Inc


9.55 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/27/2011 (1.1.1)


T1i firmware update version 1.1.1 is currently the latest firmware for this Canon EOS Rebel T1i EOS Digital SLR Camera which official release on 27 June 2011. This version fixes the incorrect indications when screen language are in Arabic or Portuguese.

v111-t1i-500d-x3-win.exe is Windows version for T1i camera firmware. When you execute the firmware update file, v111-t1i-500d-x3-win.exe, Winzip will extract E7KR6111.fir file and a folder that contains PDF files. The PDF files are the instruction manuals on how to perform the firmware update for T1i camera. I found that the English version of the instruction manual has in total 7 pages that covers information like:

  1. Precaution that should be noted before the firmware update for T1i.
  2. Details screen to screen procedure on how to perform the T1i Firmware Update.
  3. How to verify the firmware version

Download T1i Firmware Update here.

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