Applies to
Synaptics Touchpad Pointing Devices

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32bit

Synaptics Incorporated


13.30 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/27/2009 (ver. 14.0.3)


This version of Synaptics drivers ver. 14.0.3 comes with bug fixes and no enhancement/new features. Below is a list of bug fixes added into version 14.0.3:

  1. Updated OEM scrolling code.
  2. Added UI for starting zone delay Follow Up:Lets use existing strings for Minimum and Maximum and create a string for the slider title.
  3. Fixed the status, when the packet type changes from absolute packet to secondary finger packet.
  4. Merge Linux branch to trunk
  5. Restore TIMERPROC casts.
  6. Bring over changes from branch_LinuxP1.
  7. Added regstry settings for 4F flicking features
  8. Added registry value for friction in momentum scrolling.
  9. By default, disable button on Scroll Pad.
  10. Changed the default settings per customers request.
  11. Find a safer way to kill enhancement app, perhaps more string comparisions.
  12. Used build directories for Linux utilities
  13. Added Pnp IDs and appropriate configuration.

Advanced Features in a Modded Version Driver

The Synaptics device driver provides a variety of advanced features for end users. Manufacturers can choose to mode and provide support all or a sub-set of these features. Below is an overview of selected advanced features.
  1. Touch Sensitivity
    The Touch Sensitivity feature allows users to get the best performance from a TouchPad. Users can personalize the touch sensitivity settings for their finger size and style of touch.
  2. Tapping
    Tapping on the TouchPad surface is usually quicker and more convenient than using a mouse or mechanical buttons, and gives the same result as clicking the primary mouse button. Tapping twice in rapid succession produces a double-click.
  3. Tap Zones
    The Tap Zone feature allows users to configure each of the four corners of the TouchPad surface to act as different buttons when tapped. Users can configure the Tap Zones to perform an action, such as launching an application. Users can also adjust the size of each Tap Zone.
  4. Virtual Scrolling
    The Virtual Scrolling feature allows users to scroll through documents, web pages, and so forth with a single stroke of the finger.
  5. Corner Taps and Programmable Tap Zones
    Corner taps and programmable tap zones allow users to assign button controls or other functions to an area on the TouchPad surface.
  6. HandCheck
    The HandCheck feature guards against unintentional cursor movement and tapping caused by accidental contact of the palm or hand with the TouchPad. HandCheck allows the TouchPad to recognize when a user’s palm is resting on it or brushing its surface while typing. This helps prevent unwanted pointer movement or clicks.
  7. EdgeMotion
    The EdgeMotion feature is designed to simplify long-distance pointer motions. With EdgeMotion, users are not restricted by the size of the TouchPad when dragging an item across the screen or pointing.
  8. Programmable Button Assignments
    The Programmable Button Assignment feature allows users to configure the action performed when a button is pressed.
  9. Virtual Zooming
    The Virtual Zooming feature makes increasing or decreasing the magnification of a document quick and easy. By holding down the control key and running a finger along the right edge of the TouchPad will zoom in or out, depending on the direction of motion.
  10. Slow Motion
    The Slow Motion feature allows users to reduce the speed of the pointer to improve pointing accuracy for fine positioning. Users activate Slow Motion by pressing and holding a specified key (user-selected) while moving the pointer.
  11. Constrained Motion
    The Constrained Motion feature allows users to force purely horizontal or vertical motion of the pointer on the
  12. Animated Tray Icon
    The animated tray icon provides instant visual feedback about taps and finger motion.

Download Synaptics Modded 14.0.3 Driver here.

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