Applies to
LSI Logic SDMS LSI53C810, LSI53C810A, LSI53C815, LSI53C825, LSI53C825A, LSI53C860, LSI53C875, and LSI53C876

Windows NT 4.0



48.30 KB

Driver Date & Version
30-APR-01 (ver. 5.09.00)


This is the Storage Device Management System (SDMS) 4.0 driver for Windows NT 4.0 that will work with Symbios C810 PCI SCSI Host Adapter LSI Logic SDMS LSI53C810, LSI53C810A, LSI53C815, LSI53C825, LSI53C825A, LSI53C860, LSI53C875, and LSI53C876.

The LSI Logic Storage Device Management System (SDMS) is a complete software package that solves the increasingly complex problem of managing system I/O.

SDMS provides a standard method to interface SCSI I/O subsystems with devices, operating systems, and application software.

LSI Logic uses the same filenames for their drivers for different Windows operating systems. The driver files are packaged either in separate subdirectories based on the Windows operating system or on different flex disks.

To determine the driver file for Windows NT 4.0, note that the filename ends with .sys extension. For example, SYMC8XX.SYS. (The same is true for Windows 2000.)

Features of WinNT SDMS Device Driver

  1. Ultra160 Data Transfers (for LSI53C1010, LSI53C1000)
  2. Domain Validation (SYM_U3.SYS only)
  3. Cyclic Redundancy Check (SYM_U3.SYS only)
  4. Parallel Protocol Request (SYM_U3.SYS only)
  5. Synchronous negotiation (including Fast SCSI/Ultra SCSI/Ultra2 SCSI)
  6. Wide negotiation
  7. Tagged command queuing
  8. Multiple host adapters
  9. Multiple Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs)
  10. Disconnect/Reselect
  11. Scatter/Gather
  12. Provides Differential support
  13. SCSI pass-through functionality
  14. Disk array configurations with no LUN 0
  15. Disk array configurations with non-contiguous LUNs
  16. Target initiated negotiation
  17. Auto request sense
  18. Maximum block size support: NT 4.0 - 1 Mbyte
  19. NVRAM support (wide/sync parameters, SCSI Host ID)

Others LSI Logic Devices Supported

  1. LSI53C810, LSI53C810A, LSI53C810AE (LSI8100S, LSI8100ASP, LSI20810)
  2. LSI53C815 (LSI815XS, LSI8150SP)
  3. LSI53C825, LSI53C825A (LSI8250S, LSI8251S, LSI8251D, LSI8250ASP,
  4. LSI8251ASP, LSI8251AD)
  5. LSI53C860, LSI53C860AE (LSI8600SP, LSI20860)
  6. LSI53C875, LSI53C875E (LSI8750SP, LSI8751SP, LSI8751SPE, LSI8751D)
  7. LSI53C876 (LSI22801, LSI22802)
  8. LSI53C885
  9. LSI53C895, (LSI8951U, LSI8952U)

Download Symbios C810 PCI SCSI Host Adapter NT Driver here.

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