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Sunplus 32-bit CPU S+core Processor Core

Linux OS

Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

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Sunplus S+core is Taiwan first self-defined 32-bit RISC CPU with Sunplus-owned instruction set architecture (ISA). The ISA has 32/16-bit hybrid instruction mode. The optional MMU is said to support Linux OS. To obtain the support for Linux OS, you may need to email [email protected] directly as no drivers are available on the website.

According to Sunplus website, the main application for Sunplus S+core is used on SPG290A, an SoC designed specifically for TV game and handheld game products. SPG290A is composed of S+core, a 32-bit CPU developed by SUNPLUS Technology, Picture Processing Unit (PPU), Sound Processing Unit (SPU) and other primary functions for video game and ELA applications.

SPG290A is able to generate graphics and sound for the television system (NTSC or PAL) and LCD.

Features of Sunplus S+core

  1. Single issue, 7-stage pipeline
  2. Significant clock frequency improvement over 5 and 6-stage pipeline designs
  3. Optional MMU
  4. Virtual-to-physical address translation
  5. Support Linux OS
  6. Optional Custom Engine
  7. Support 32-bit sign/un-sign multiply and divider
  8. Support local instruction memory and/or cache memory with configurable size
  9. Support local data memory and/or cache memory with configurable size
  10. Optional customer-defined instruction extensions
  11. Optional customer-defined coprocessors
  12. Add up to 3 coprocessors to support complex operations
  13. Low-Overhead Interrupts
  14. Sixty-three prioritized interrupts, unique vector for each interrupt
  15. Support non-maskable interrupt and precise/imprecise bus error exception
  16. AMBA 2.0 compliant (AHB 2.0 master)
  17. 32/16-bit hybrid instruction mode and parallel conditional execution for high
  18. code density
  19. Optional SJTAG Debug
  20. Implements of SJTAG 1.0.0 specification
  21. User-configurable SJTAG breakpoints
  22. Easy ASIC Integration
  23. Single positive-edge clocking
  24. Fully synchronous design
  25. Supports for popular EDA tools

Download Sunplus S+core Linux Drivers here.

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