Applies to
Stealth Cam STC-I540IR (NOT STC-1540IR)

PDF Reader

Stealth Cam LLC


1.56 MB

Driver Date & Version
04/08 (ver. 1.0)


After searching thru the Internet, instead of Stealth Cam STC-1540IR, all that I managed to find is Stealth Cam STC-I540IR, so I think some of those looking for the manual might mistakenly confused between the 1 and I (capital i).

You can download the manual and driver for Stealth Cam STC-I540IR from Stealcam website here.

Here is some information I extracted from the manual:

Stealth Cam STC-I540IR digital video scout camera is designed to provide many years of service. The STC-I540IR is an infrared based camera with an industry leading Infrared emitter range of up to 40 feet.

Special Burst Mode technology allows multiple exposures of up to 9 sequential still pictures or a programmable video segment between 10 to 180 seconds, when the PIR sensor is triggered.

Your STC-I540IR infrared camera provides superb color day time pictures or AVI video clips. When the infrared LED emitter is activated during low lighting conditions, it will provide you with black and white still pictures or AVI video clips.

According to the property of the PDF file, it was convert from Microsoft Word - STC-I540IR Final V1.0 PO 11688_ 2008-4-3.doc to PDF format using PrimoPDF by echeng. The quality of the manual is so-so where there is a lot of empty spaces at the bottom of each page. Fonts are not standard across the PDF manual where caption font is smaller conpare to other fonts making it harder to read. If formatted correctly, from my estimation the page count could be reduced from 44 pages to maybe 20 pages.

Download Stealth Cam STC-1540IR Manual here.

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