Applies to
Star TSP SP200, TSP1000, TUP900, TSP800, TSP700, TSP600, TSP550, TUP400, TSP400, TSP200, SCP700, SP500, UP389, SP300, SP298, SP2000, TSP2000 and DP8340

Windows XP, Windows 2000

Star Micronics


4.2 MB

Driver Date & Version
20041217 (ver. 1.0)


This is the Line Mode printer driver for printing with device and barcode fonts for Star TSP 200 printers. Other supported models include:

  1. TSP1000
  2. TUP900
  3. TSP800
  4. TSP700
  5. TSP600
  6. TSP550
  7. TUP400
  8. TSP400
  9. TSP200
  10. SCP700
  11. SP500
  12. UP389
  13. SP300
  14. SP298
  15. SP2000
  16. TSP2000
  17. DP8340

Download Star TSP 200-24 Driver here.

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