Applies to
Aquashot Underwater Digital Camera

Windows 2000, Win. XP, Win. Vista, Win 7.


Refer to Speedo website.


Driver Date & Version
n/a (n/a)


Aquashot Underwater Camera features

  1. All New from Speedo
  2. Underwater 5 mega pixel camera
  3. Durable and easy to use
  4. Image sensor and zoom function
  5. LCD Display
  6. Self Timer
  7. Up to 3 meters water resistance
  8. Auto Exposure
  9. Scenery settings
  10. Fixed focus Lens
  11. 1/20 1/6000 second shutter speed
  12. Built in 32MB memory
  13. Auto or forced flash
  14. Self Timer
  15. Multilingual support
  16. Built in time and date settings
  17. Supported by Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  18. EU compatable charger
  19. Size: 11.1 x 7.8 x 4.0 (cm)

On Speedo Aquashot product page, under the download section, there is no driver nor manual available for download as per time of writing. However, if we follow the link and go to the store page, we can see that the camera is written as supported by Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

What I think is most probably no driver is needed if you are connecting Aquashot to the above mentioned operation systems, as the build in USB driver is able to establish the connection. Do check the Speedo download page if you want to know the latest download is available (or not).

Download Speedo Aquashot Underwater Digital Camera Driver here.

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