Applies to
PCI AC97-link Compatible Sound System used in SOYO SY-7VBA133U motherboards.

Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98



15.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
2001/09 (ver. 3.21)


SOYO 7VBA133U socket 370 ATC motherboard comes with an AC \'97 Sound CODEC which supports 2 channel audio. According to SOYO SY-7VBA133U motherboard users manual I found online, the audio chipset is AC-97 based:

Integrated PCI-mastering dual full-duplex direct-sound

AC97-link-compatible sound system. Hardware soundblaster-pro and hardware-assisted FM blocks are included for Windows DOS box and real-mode DOS compatibility. Loopback capability is also implemented for directing mixed audio streams into USB and 1394 speakers for high quality digital audio.


The driver is hard to find because SOYO 7VBA133U is quite an old model (circa 2002) and website is not available anymore. Beside the audio driver, I have included the users manual together within the ZIP file, just in case you need it for reference.

Download SOYO SY-7VBA133U Sound Drivers here.

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