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HighPoint HPT372 Controller Chip Used in Soyo P4I875P DRAGON 2 motherboards.

Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000

HighPoint Technologies, Inc.


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Driver Date & Version
Jan 26, 2007 (VER. 2.352)

Description is no longer in operation. According to Wikipedia, Soyo Group has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and ceased operations on May 5, 2009.

We know that the IDE Raid chipset on Soyo is made by HighPoint. So we will have to identify the model number.

According to review on Soyo P4I875P motherboard, the RAID chipset is HighPoint HPT372 Controller Chip. Again on page 5, it says: [The ICH5-R natively supports drives up to ATA/100 specifications, so if you’re utilizing an ATA133 drive you’ll need to use the HPT372 controlled IDE connectors. ].

Now we have identify the model number is HightPoint HPT372 and it is an ATA133 based RAID solution, we can try to find the suitable driver from HightPoint driver download site instead.

In HightPoint RocketRAID 133 driver page, when referring to the readme file, we can see that the driver is suitable for the following RAID controllers:

  1. HPT370 Controller
  2. HPT372 Controller <- what we are looking for!
  3. HPT372A Controller
  4. HPT372N Controller
  5. HPT302 Controller
  6. HPT302N Controller
The following operating systems are supported, just select the suitable driver for the Windows that you are using:
  1. Windows 98/ME,
  2. Windows NT 4.0,
  3. Windows 2000,
  4. Windows XP 32bit
  5. Windows 2003 32bit
  6. Windows XP/2003 x64 edition
  7. Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit
  8. Caldera OpenLinux
  9. Red Hat
  10. SUSE
  11. Turbo Linux
  12. FreeBSD

Windows Vista Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 IDE RAID HighPoint Driver Installation

  1. Install the adapter and boot up Windows.
  2. Windows will popup [Found New Hardware] wizard. Select [Locate and install driver software]
  3. When Windows asks [Windows needs your permission to continue], select [continue].
  4. Select [I dont have disc, show me other options]and then select [Browse my computer for driver software]
  5. Specify the folder where you put the driver and click [Next]
  6. When asked [Would you like to install this driver software?], select [Install]
  7. Reboot the system and the adapter will be available.

Download Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 IDE RAID HighPoint Drivers here.

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