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Sony PCG-F540 VAIO All-in-One Notebook

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According to Sony VAIO PCG-F540 marketing specification, it has 64 MB of SDRAM and is expandable to 256 MB max.

Here is a more detailed description on SODIMM memory configuration in PCG-F540, taken from Sony VAIO Notebook User Guide for PCG-F540, PCG-F540K, PCG-F560, , PCG-F560K, PCG-F570, PCG-F580, PCG-F580K, PCG-F590 and PCG-F590K.

It is stated in the user manual that you use only PC-100 SDRAM SO-DIMM (gold lead contacts) for your PCG-F540 memory upgrade.

For PCG-F540, 64MB X 1 memory module is already installed. The maximum you can install in your PCG-F540 is 256MB which is in 128MB X2 configuration. So you will have to take out the original 64 MB RAM and put in 2 sticks of 128MB SDRAM SODIMM.

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