Applies to
Sony UY-S77, UY-S90 and UY-S100 High Speed 35mm Film Scanners

Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP



3.47 MB

Driver Date & Version
5/14/2002 (ver. 5.01E)


This is a difficult driver to find. No where to be found on, and The previous download link is pointing to a Not Found page in

Fortunately I managed to find a copy of the Sony UY-S90 scanner driver from Please see below for more info on the driver for Sony UY-S77, UY-S90 and UY-S100.

Sony UY-S90 scanner is TWAIN compliant, and connects to a PC using SCSI II. The TWAIN drivers enabling you to scan (with inbuilt DX correction), using your favorite Image editing software.

Sony UY-S90 Software Features

  1. Invert, mirror,rotate and reverse frames
  2. Adjust brightness and contrast as well as grey balance.
  3. Adjust RGB or CYMK colour.
  4. Select colour lookup tables.
  5. adjust sharpness and compression ratio.
  6. supports .bmp and .tiff formats.
  7. Enables DX code decoding.
  8. Optical DX code on APS and 35mm


In order to use the Scan Utility & TWAIN driver Ver.5.01E, please upgrade the UY-S77 firmware to Ver. 4.00 or higher. In case you are using UY-S90,please upgrade the firmware to Ver. 2.00 or higher.

To make it easier for you, here is the link to the firmware download page.

USING THE SCAN UTILITY SOFTWARE UNDER Windows NT4.0/2000/XP Before using this software under Windows NT4.0/2000/XP, you must install the ASPI manager. For details, refer to the Manual supplied with your SCSI card.


  1. For initial installation/First Time Installation:
    1. Download the driver file
    2. Extract to a temporary folder and run setup.exe
    3. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  2. For version upgrading:
    1. First remove the old-version Scan Utility, and install the new version of Scan Utility.
    2. To remove, select Control Panel in Windows Setting menu, click to open Add/Removing Programs dialog box, and remove Scan Utility from the dialog box.


The Sony folder and FilmScanner folder inside Sony will have been created in Program Files of drive C. At the same time, Sony FilmScanner shortcut will have been created in Programs on the Start menu.

The icons inside the Sony FilmScanner shortcuts are:

  1. Readme: This document
  2. Scan Utility: Utility software of the Film Scanner


Please read the Software Manual.

You can open the manual by clicking Start/Sony FilmScanner/Film Scanner.

This driver (V.3.00) has not compatible with FotoStation. If you install this driver you can not scan files using FotoStation. In this case, please contact your nearest Sony dealer for support.


The Ver.5.00E/5.01E Scan Utility is modified from Ver.4.00E as follows:
  1. This version supports the UY-S100.
  2. Frame number can be entered or changed on preview screen.
The Ver.4.00E Scan Utility is modified from Ver.3.10E as follows:
  1. Support the Auto Slide Feeder (Accessory). (Only for UY-S90)
  2. Auto Slide Feeder will be released soon.
  3. On ScanUtility.exe, the timing of the step of entering file name is changed. It comes just before scanning.
  4. Support the optically recorded Print Aspect Ratio information of IX240 film.
Ver.3.10E is modified from Ver.3.00E as follows:
  1. This version supports the UY-S90.
  2. Ultra Definition mode is added to the IX240 film.(This mode is only for the UY-S90.)
  3. For the IX240 film, the aspect ratio of the C size clipping is changed to 3:2 from 4:3.

Download Sony UY-S90 Driver here.

3 thoughts on “Sony UY-S90 Driver

  • josh September 4, 2010 7:57 pm #

    thanks for this! now if i could just find the mac classic os version of the twain driver…

  • Jim September 23, 2012 5:23 pm #

    Hi Josh, I know this may be 2 years too late, if your still in need of the Mac driver I have the original CD-ROM for the scanner which I believe should have the OS8/9 driver.


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