Applies to
Sony STR-DE597 FM Stereo FM/AM Receiver

PDF Operating Manual



2.33 MB

Driver Date & Version
2004 (ver. 1.0 (4-252-271-12(1)))


This is the English language version Operating instructions manual for Sony STR-DE597 FM Stereo FM/AM Receiver. If you are not sure about your model number, you can refer to the lower right corner of the front panel of the unit.

I could not be able to find this manual from Sony website. I guess they have taken it down since it was released back on year 2004. You can actually find a copy on but it is for online viewing only and I found no link to download to local PC for viewing and printing later.

Sony STR-DE597 receiver incorporates Dolby Digital and Pro Logic Surround and the DTS Digital Surround System. The 56 pages long instruction manual is divided into these few chapters:

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Amplifier Operation
  3. Enjoying Surround Sound.
  4. Advanced Adjustments and Settings.
  5. Other Operations
  6. Operations Using the Remote RM-U306B.
  7. Additional information such as Precaution, troubleshooting information and Specification (for the technical envy users).

Download Sony Reciever STRDE597 Owners Manual here.

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