Applies to
Sony Trinitron Colour TV KV-27S42 KV-27S46, KV-27S66, KV-27V42 and KV-27V66

PDF Manuals

Sony Corporation


2.03 MB

Driver Date & Version
1999 (ver. 1.0)


The PDF manual zip file is comprises of two manuals:

  1. Diagram manual for Sony Trinitron TV KV-27S42/46/66
  2. User Manual for KV-27S42 KV-27S46, KV-27S66, KV-27V42 and KV-27V66

The user manual from the look of it seems like a scanned version, judging from the slightly blurred text and images, however it is still readable.

Contents on Sony KV-27S42 User Manual

  1. Connecting your TV via VHF and UHF, CATV and antenna cable.
  2. Connecting Additional Equipment e.g. VCR, cable box, digital satellite receiver, DVD player, camcorder, audio system etc.
  3. Remote Control basic functions.
  4. KV-27S42 setup
  5. Menu setup and configurations.

Download Sony KV-27S42 User Guide here.

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