Applies to
Sony ICD-ST25 Digital Voice Recorder

Windows 2000 SP4, XP, XP CE, Vista Home Basic/Premium/Business/Ultra



55.36 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/16/2007 (ver.


Some of the Sony digital voice recorder models that supported by this driver include:

  1. ICD-BM1
  2. ICD-BM1A
  4. ICD-BM1DR9
  6. ICD-MS515
  7. ICD-MS515VTP
  8. ICD-MX20
  9. ICD-MX20DR9
  10. ICD-MX20VTP
  11. ICD-P110
  12. ICD-P110VTP
  13. ICD-P210
  14. ICD-P28
  15. ICD-P320
  16. ICD-P330F
  17. ICD-P520
  18. ICD-P530F
  19. ICD-ST25
  20. ICD-SX25
  21. ICD-SX25VTP
  22. ICD-SX56
  23. ICD-SX57
  24. ICD-SX57DR9
  25. ICD-SX57VTP
  26. ICD-SX66
  27. ICD-SX67
  28. ICD-SX77

New Enhancement

  • Compatibility with Microsoft┬« Windows Vista┬« operating system.
  • Built in CD burning capability.

    Functions Overview

  • Saving and adding recorded messages:

    Save messages recorded by the IC recorder onto your computer hard disk by messages or by folders.

    Add messages from the computer to the IC recorder.

  • Editing recorded messages:

    Divide a message into two messages or combine up to five messages into one.

    Converting file formats:

    Convert the file format of a message saved in the computer and save it as a new file.

    Convert a message recorded by the IC recorder into an MP3 file.

  • CD burning function (CD Burning Tool for DVE):

    Add messages from the Digital Voice Editor or Windows Explorer window to the CD Burning Tool for DVE window, and then burn the data to a CD-R/RW as an audio or data CD.

  • CD recording function (CD Recording Tool for DVE):

    Convert a CD track into a file format compatible with the Digital Voice Editor software and then save the converted file on a computer hard disk.

  • Download Sony ICD-ST25 Driver here.

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      Para utilizar un data voice


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