Applies to
Sony HDR-CX7/CX7K Handycam Digital HD Video Camera Recorder.

PDF Handbook Operating Instruction Manual



6.78 MB

Driver Date & Version
2007 (ver. 1.0)


The handbook is 109 pages while the operating instruction manual is 40 pages long. As you might suspect, the longer (and bigger) handbook is a more comprehensive version of the manual compare to the operating instruction pdf.

Chapters in Sony HDX-CX7/CX7K Handbook Manual

  1. Enjoying your Camcorder: Getting Started.
  2. Recording/Playback
  3. Editing.
  4. Utilizing Recording Media
  5. Customizing Your Camcorder.
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Additional Information
  8. Quick Reference.

Sony HDR-CX7 is the first AVCHD format HD camcorder to record video to a memory card. A 4 GB memory stick will be able to hold about 30 minutes of HD video. So for you to record longer video, you might want to invest on more memory stick or larger capacity cards.

Download Sony HDR-CX7 Manual here.

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