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Sony Ericsson Z710i Mobile Phone

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Sony Ericsson


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2006 (ver. 1.0)


The last time I tried to search on user manual for Sony Erisson Z710i on Sony Ericsson website, there are none available for download. However, I have successfully locate a copy on the Internet. However please be aware that there this copy is labeled

This is the Internet version of the user manual (c) Print only for private use

As this copy of user manual for Sony Ericsson Z710i is not from Sony Ericsson website directly, there may be some differences between this and the original copy. For example I think the front page/cover page is missing in this copy. However the main contents are still there.

The Sony Ericsson Z710i user manual PDF is 95 pages long and consists of these chapters:

  1. Getting started: Assembly, SIM card, battery, turning on, help, calls.
  2. Getting to know the phone : Phone overview, icons, menus, entering letters, activity menu, File manager, Memory Stick Micro (M2).
  3. Calling: Calls, contacts, voice control,call options.
  4. Messaging: Text messaging, picture messaging, voice messaging, email, My friends.
  5. Imaging: Camera, pictures, PhotoDJ.
  6. Entertainment: Handsfree, Music, radio, PlayNow, MusicDJ, VideoDJ, themes, games and more.
  7. Connectivity: Settings, using Internet, RSS, synchronizing, Bluetooth device, infrared, USB cable, update service.
  8. More features: Alarm clock, calendar, tasks, profiles, time and date, SIM card lock, etc.
  9. Troubleshooting: Why doesnt the phone work the way I want it to?

Download Sony Ericsson Z710 English User Guide here.

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