Applies to
Sony Ericsson

Windows 2000, Windows XP

Sony Ericsson/MCCI Corporation


537 KB

Driver Date & Version
10/23/2007 (ver.


The zip file contains Sony Ericsson W350 phone drivers for:

  1. a016sdm2.inf: Sony Ericsson Device A016 USB WMC Device Management Drivers on Win2000/XP
  2. a016bus.inf: Install the Sony Ericsson Device A016 drivers
  3. a016mdm2.inf: Install the Sony Ericsson Device A016 USB WMC Modem Drivers on Win2000/XP
  4. a016obx2.inf: Install the Sony Ericsson Device A016 USB WMC OBEX Interface on Win2000/XP

According to Sony Ericsson, only contains Sony Ericsson W350 phone mode drivers. The common USB flash drivers are installed automatically by Emma.

What is Emma? It is not a person but Emma is a Sony Ericsson application used for updating, customizing and activating your Sony Ericsson phones and accessories. These operations are performed in services that are run in Emma. There are two different start modes for phones and accessories:

  1. :Flash mode - this is used when flashing i.e. updating or customizing a phone and for activation of some phone models.

    To set a USB phone in flash mode you power it off and then press and hold the C-button while you connect the phone to the USB cable.

  2. Phone mode - this is used when activating some phone models. The phone is usually powered on before you connect it to the USB cable.

You connect the phone or accessory to your computer through different types of connectors (USB cable, SEPI, Deskstand, MIS-06, SEMUTS or Bluetooth) depending on the phone model and working environment. You need a user name and password to be able to use the application.

As of September 12, 2007, Emma has Windows Vista (32-bit) support. Please note that installer version or later must be used. So please update your Emma if you plan to use your Sony Ericsson phone in Windows Vista.

Download Sony Ericsson W350 Driver here.

4 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson W350 Driver

  • Manohar Joshi July 18, 2009 1:42 pm #

    Sony Ericsson W350 Driver needed for Walkman mobile

  • amir September 22, 2009 8:42 pm #

    i want download sony ericsson drivers pls send drivers

  • Tiberius Burciu September 25, 2009 5:54 am #

    @ Manohar Joshi and Amir: These are the drivers for the Sony Ericsson W350 ( Walkman ). I have downloaded the archive and installed its content. Everything’s working just fine. You should try it as well..unless you have a different type of cellphone.


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