Applies to
Sony DVD+-RW AW-Q160S Optical Drive

Windows 98, ME, 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista



806 KB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver.


This is the utility to update firmware driver on Sony DVD+-RW AW-Q160S drives. To start the firmware driver update/installation, you just have to download and run the exe.

This is what I get when I tried to run the firmware update utility:

No matched drive detected!
This utility is only for SONY DVD+-RW AQ-Q160S drive.

Detected drives:
0-0-1-0 E: TSSTcorpDVD+-RW TS-H653A D500

No other information on the firmware/driver update utility is found. As updating firmware may render your Sony DVD+-RW AW-Q160S Optical Drive into a piece of paperweight, you may want to be extra cautious if you decided to do it.

Download Sony DVD+-RW AW-Q160S Driver here.

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