Applies to
Sony DRX-820U External Optical Drive/DRX-820U/LT

Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista



889 KB

Driver Date & Version
10/16/2006 (ver. 20D)


This new Sony DRX-820U Firmware Upgrade Version 20D will improve writing performance and reliability.

Important Notes

  1. When using Windows 2000 or Windows XP, log on to Windows as the computer administrator or as a user with administrator access privileges.
  2. Before executing firmware update, uninstall any packet writing software, such as [DLA], [DirectCD], [Bs CLiP] etc, from the PC.

    If you do not know what is a packet writing software, it is some software/utility that enable you to use your CD/DVD Writer as normal drive where you can add or delete files as normal hard disks.

Installation Instruction

  1. Connect the DRX-820U/LT to your computer. Confirm that the drive is detected normally by your computer. Make sure no CD is in the drive.
  2. Download and run 820UL_20D.EXE
  3. Close all other programs and Click [OK]
  4. Select the drive in the [Target Drive] and Click [Update].
  5. Please confirm if you want to update by clicking \"OK.\"
  6. From now, please do not turn off the power of the drive or your computer during the firmware update.
    Further, do not handle the drive or interface cable, or touch your keyboard as it may cause the update to fail or make the drive unusable. One word, do not do ANYTHING before the next step.
  7. The drive indicator becomes blue and the update begins.
  8. The update is now completed, click [OK]
  9. In order to use the updated drive, it is necessary to reboot the computer.

Download Sony DRX-820U Firmware Driver here.

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