Applies to
Sony CRX215E5 48X CD-RW Drive

Windows XP



2.79 MB

Driver Date & Version
22 Jun 2004 (ver. 6.1M - 5.0F)


This is the Sony CRX215E5 48X CD-RW Drive Firmware Update, which I found on HP website. There is totally no mention of Sony CRX215E5 driver update or the drive itself on Sony website.

  1. Version: 6.1M for hardware version 01
  2. 5.0F for hardware version 00

This update improves audio performance, so it is recommended to update this firmware to your Sony CRX215E5 drive. For more specific details, see below:

  1. Improves audio playback acoustic performance.
  2. Resolves an issue with the tray ejecting when resuming from stand-by mode.
  3. You need a blank floppy diskette or blank CD-R disc.
  4. While installing this update, do not turn off, suspend, or hibernate the PC. Close all applications before starting the update.

The firmware update process will no run in windows mode, as you need to restart your PC and start the firmware process when booting up.

  1. Download the update program.

  2. Close all applications and remove any discs from the PC optical drives (CD or DVD).

  3. Double-click the icon for the update file downloaded in step 1, and then click NEXT.

  4. Accept the terms in the HP license agreement, and then click NEXT.

  5. Go to the next step for the type of media you are using, either a blank floppy diskette or a blank CD-R disc.

  6. In the \"Sony CRX215E5 48X CD-RW....\" window, select Floppy Diskette and then click OK.

  7. Insert the blank floppy diskette and click OK in the \"Sony CRX215E5 48X CD-RW....\" window.

  8. Wait a few minutes for the program to make the Firmware Update diskette.

  9. Leave the floppy diskette in the floppy drive and click OK to restart the PC.

  10. Follow the onscreen instructions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. Failure to follow the instructions will damage the drive.

  11. After the update is complete, remove the floppy diskette from the floppy drive and restart the PC.

  12. After the firmware update is complete, remove the CD from the optical drive and restart the PC.

Download Sony CRX215E5 Firmware here.

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