Applies to
Sony CDX-F5500 FM/AM Car CD Player

PDF Manuals, Specifications, Product Guide.



1.49 MB

Driver Date & Version
2004 (ver. 1.0)


There are three manuals under the /cdx-f5500-manuals/ folder in the zip file. You will find:

  1. cdx-f5500-operating-instruction-manual.pdf
  2. cdx-f5500-product-guide.pdf
  3. cdx-f5500-xm-satellite-radio.pdf

The largest manual, Operating Instruction is in both English and French languages and is 60 pages long. English version is from first page till page 28 and the rest is in French language.

The operating manual contains many useful information, such as:

  1. Getting started: resetting and detaching the front panel, as well as setting the clock. Vital for first time users.
  2. CD/MD (optional) Usage: Operations involving CD players are discussed here. You can learn more about playing a disc, displaying, labeling and locate a track here.
  3. Using the Radio: Learn storing radio stations and tuning for stations.
  4. Other Functions: Using the rotary commander, adjust sound characteristics, using the equalizer (EQ3) and Dynamic Soundstage Organizer (DSO).

Besides the instruction manual, you will find the Product Guide and XM Satellite Radio manuals along in the folder.

Download Sony CDX-F5500 Manual here.

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