Applies to
Smartlink SL1900 (V.90/92 modems in a form factor of: PCI, Mini PCI, AMR, CNR and MDC) or External modem - V.90/92 modems in a form factor of: USB

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Windows XP




Driver Date & Version
May 30, 2005 (4.20.01)

This Smartlink SL1900 Modem driver Update will install SL1900 and SL1800 driver in Windows XP 32bits environment.

If you are having the problem of frequent disconnection on a USB modem running on WinXP, you can also easily corrected this problem by installing a fix from Microsoft that can be downloaded from:;EN-US;q307271

Always keep your Smartlink SL1900 and SL1800 Modem driver updated to avoid problems and increase performance.

Smartlink SL1900 Modem Driver

3 thoughts on “Smartlink SL1900 Modem Driver

  • deepal

    i need the modem driver for my Smartlink Sl 1900 modem


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