Applies to
Smartlink SL1800 (V.90/92 modems in a form factor of: PCI, Mini PCI, AMR, CNR and MDC)

Windows XP




Driver Date & Version
May 30, 2005 (4.20.01)


I recommend updating the modem driver if you experience decreased performance. While new drivers are posted on Smartlink website approximately every three months, I suggest you go to your computer manufacturer’s website as the first stop for the latest drivers.

Smartlink provides a generic modem driver which name might be different with your PC manufacturer because they certainly will customizes the driver, including its name. The name is irrelevant to performance and the driver with a generic name provides identical functionality for Smart Link based modems.

Make sure you follow the instructions from Smartlink before you perform the upgrade to you Smartlink SL1800.

Download Smartlink SL1800 Driver here.

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