Applies to
EzKEY Smart Office Keyboard EZ-7000 Series

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98

EzKEY Corporation Taiwan



Driver Date & Version
2003/10/10 (ver. 1.1.4)


This is the latest ver. 1.1.4 driver for EzKEY Smart Office Keyboard EX-7000 series.

Here I have summarized the changes or differences in previous versions of the drivers:

  1. smart office keyboard V1.1.4: Support USB-PS2 convertor of Ezkey
  2. smart office keyboard V.1.1.3: Fix hotkeys function for win 2K, Xp
  3. smart office keyboard V.1.1.2: Origination (I think what they mean is this is the original version.

Please be noted that the latest version of the EZ-7000 driver (version 1.1.4) did not mention of Windows NT supports, so if you are using this driver update on Windows NT, just keep this in mind. And please backup your important files before making any changes to your system.

p/s: Some users using Windows Vista when installing the driver for EZ-7000, were experiencing keyboard lock-up which require unistall and reboot to solve the problem. Seems that the driver is not compatible with Windows Vista.

Download Smart Office Keyboard Model EZ-7000 Driver here.

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